Lead Generation Software That Saves You Time And Helps Your Business Grow

Intelligent lead generation and outreach automation platform for digital marketers

How it Works


Choose any geographic location, pick your keywords and simulate a Google Search

  • 100% accurate, laser-targeted, localised paid search, maps and organic results


Find the right prospects without research and see the
gaps in their digital marketing

  • Company name, Contact name(s), Email addresses, phone numbers

  • Mobile friendly test, landing page screenshot and social media profiles

  • Facebook and AdWords remarketing pixel check

  • Ad copy analysis and screenshot

  • Easy data export


Increase your conversions by getting your message out to 100% of your new leads instantly

Approach sales-ready businesses with fully customised emails and schedule consultations

  • Send a single email and create templates

  • Set up email sequences and never miss a follow up again

  • Track clicks, open rates and replies

  • Add notes and see activity history


Find leads, opportunities and sales while you sleep

  • Schedule a search in advance

  • Add new prospects automatically to your pipeline


Integrate our software with apps you’re already using

  • Connect with Zapier (1000+ apps) and focus on your most important work

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Where does LeadFleet get all the new leads from?

It gets them all from Google using your specific keywords and can even be set for a certain city/area from all around the world.

What information will I know about my lead's online presence?

Lead Fleet will show you whether your leads have a mobile-friendly website, remarketing pixels, specific landing page, Google My Business listing with map’s position, SEO position, backlinks, social media profiles and even shows the number of ad extensions they are using! You don’t need to worry anymore about wasting your time offering a service to someone who doesn’t need it as most of these businesses are actively spending money on advertising.

What contact information about my leads will be found for me?

As much as possible. Lead Fleet can provide you with emails (our system can verify these email addresses), names, phone numbers, social media profiles and even business addresses. This way you can choose the contact method which works best for you and your company.

Are these searches reliable?

Absolutely! Our software doesn’t use bots at all to obtain the results. It works by sending the search engine the exact query you inputted into it manually. The results are then found in real time and not from a cached database. It’s done this way because we want to ensure completely reliable, accurate results.

How often can Lead Fleet find me leads?

Whenever you want, you can also schedule searches in advance if you need them for a certain date. Plus, you can automate the whole process, conduct daily searches and set Lead Fleet to add new businesses to a list.

Why should I sign up for Lead Fleet?

For the simplest reason of being able to save time, don’t you want to focus more on the things you love most? Lead Fleet does the tedious lead searching for you, not to mention how hard it is to cut through the noise on the internet and stand out from the competition. Lead Fleet finds the right information about your leads and helps you to become an authority in your prospects eyes.

Can I use it in any country?

As long as you have an internet connection you can use LeadFleet anywhere in the world and on any device too. Leads can be found in any country around the world.

What makes Lead Fleet different from other lead generation software?

Our software uniquely displays all the paid search results with high accuracy at a city level. These businesses are actively advertising online and need more sales, appointments and business.  We also have a range of specific functions such as Maps and SEO positions, remarketing pixel, landing page check, ad and landing page screenshot and so much more that equip you with the data to close more sales and improve your profitability.

Should I be aware of any laws? Can I use B2B email marketing after the GDPR changes?

There are some relevant laws you should be aware of and if followed then you are covered. It is advised that you read up about these laws in your country.

In the UK and EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not make cold emailing illegal or so. However, it is crucial to send messages to people who find the content of your email incredibly useful and make sure that the business will also benefit from a possible business relationship.

NOTE: Please do not treat this as legal advice.

How can I get in touch with Lead Fleet and ask my questions?

You can contact us by email hello@leadfleet.com or connect with Krisz on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/krisztiantarcsi/

Is Lead Fleet only shows paid search results?

No, it will display paid search, map and 5 pages deep organic results.

How much is it?

Our Freelancer plans will start at $66/£49 per month, which will include 500 leads and 500 credits. There will be a Team plan with additional leads and credits priced around $199/£149. Credits can be used for additional email verification and email sending. Beta testers get huge lifetime subscription discount.

When can I start using it?

Currently, Lead Fleet is in development, but we expect it to be launched in Q3 2020 to a small private beta group with the public launch in Q4 2020.

Can I have it first?

You only need to fill out the form above which will put you on to the invite-list, so you can start using our software way before everyone else. We’re already filling our private pre-paid  “Inner Circle” group, so get in touch to see the designs and workflows and let us help to make the perfect tool for your needs.

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